Dance Classes for Kids

Benefits of Ballet for Children


Even for young children, ballet is a  great activity for their bodies and brains. But it’s also an art form – which sets it apart from many other forms of physical activity. Through ballet, we tell stories and express emotions.


Dance teaches children to keep showing up and keep trying and builds courage and strength of character. Like anything that matters, gaining skill in ballet takes time and effort — but that dedication pays off.


It's true what they say, friends who dance together, stay together! Dancers must learn to move together as a single body. Dance creates deep and trusting relationships that can last a lifetime. 


Learn to explore, and let your child’s imagination soar! Dancing helps your children to find joy in the movement while learning technique through storytelling. What’s more fun than telling stories — in fairytale costumes?

The Enchanted Dance Curriculum

Elixir Dance and Fitness LLC is proud to be a Once Upon a Ballet Licensed Studio. At Elixir,  we use the Once Upon a Ballet Curriculum for our children’s program for 2 - 9 yr olds. This children's ballet curriculum is rooted in early childhood development theory and teaches ballet in a way that children learn best. Children learn age-appropriate dance concepts and correct ballet technique through imagination, fun, and creativity. This curriculum is specifically designed to give your child a strong foundation in learning, movement, and life skills.

Once Upon a Ballet Licensed Studio

Our Classes

Dance with Me

Ages: 12 months to 2 years (with parent or guardian)

Duration: 30 mins

Bond with your tiny dancer while they become butterflies, flamingos, dinosaurs, and princes/princesses! Class is designed to support motor skills and sensory development through the use of props and our monthly themes/stories to stimulate their imagination. This is a fun and beautiful way to start your child's journey as they discover the world around them.

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Dance with Me class at Elixir Dance and Fitness

Creative Minis

Ages: 2 to 3 years (with parent or guardian)

Duration: 30 mins

Class begins in circle time and then to center and movement across the floor. We move to the beat and explore how the body moves and creates shapes.  Each month we use a different theme to change the style of movement to support motor development, balance, and sensory skills. This is the perfect introduction to movement for your tiny dancer!

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Creative Minis class at Elixir Dance and Fitness
Pre-ballet class at Elixir Dance and Fitness


Ages: 3 to 4 years

Duration: 45 mins

Class begins with circle time, then movement across the floor. Props are used to enhance imagination and sensory development. Begin the fundamentals of ballet and learn the  French terminology. Strengthen motor skills and develop self-expression through storytelling using our Once Upon a Ballet curriculum.

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Beginner Ballet

Ages: 5 to 6 years

Duration: 60 mins

Refining skills from previous level. Learning correct posture and coordination. Classical warm up in the center for strength and poise. Travel across the floor exploring different dynamics of ballet movement,  supporting freedom of expression through story telling and solo and group movement.

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Beginner Ballet class at Elixir Dance and Fitness
Ballet level 1 class at Elixir Dance and Fitness

Ballet 1

Ages: 7 to 9 years

Duration: 60 mins

At this level, the barre is introduced. Class focus is poise and correct placement. Students will learn more advanced positions and ballet techniques. Students learn class etiquette and build self-awareness. Free movement at the end of class to build confidence and self-expression.

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Combo Jazz/Modern

Ages: 6 to 9 years 

Duration: 60 mins

This combination class gives students the foundational knowledge of these two genres of dance. Dancers will learn strength, technique, and floor work, from the upbeat and showy style of jazz, to the grounded and percussive style of Modern dance.

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Jazz and modern class at Elixir Dance and Fitness