Fitness Classes for Women

Transform your body through movement

Celebrate your body, be amazed at what it can do. Find the joy in movement and feel your strength in your femininity.

Judgment-free fun

Our small classes are friendly and judgment free so you can feel at ease focusing and celebrating your own personal goals in a comfortable environment.

Shred your stress

Let. It. Go.  Our classes allow you to focus in the moment and leave your to do list at home. Get an incredible work out and shred your stress away!

Healthy body, healthy mind

All fitness classes incorporate breath work to stimulate and optimize your workouts leaving you refreshed and refilled to go about your day.

Our Classes

Shred, Tone, Move!

Duration: 45 minutes

Level: all are welcome!

This high intensity total body circuit style class is designed to get your heart pumping with strengthening/sculpting and cardio moves to shred tone and move your booty! Specifically designed for the womens body to improve posture, mobility and confidence. With our small group classes you will have a blast working out with other women!

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Shred, Tone, Move class at Elixir Dance and Fitness

Yoga stretch 

Duration: 45 minutes

Level: all levels are welcome!

Do you work from home? Are you a runner? Are you starting a new fitness program? This class is for you! Class incorporates  a vinyasa flow with mobility stretches to open up tight hips/back and shoulders. Enjoy the freedom of movement while giving your mind and body this holistic practice to release and restore you.

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Yoga Stretch class at Elixir Dance and Fitness

Pricing for Classes


$75/month: one 45-minute class per week

$130/month: two 45-minute classes per week